ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

5 of 14 reviews of this product on Jane dot com say that it arrived DOA. A bit worrying. Not much feedback about effectiveness.


Stall pressure is important with these and this has almost none. Save your dough and get the Sonic LX for 185.

$185 would be a deal as amazon list the Sonic LX at $220.

the specs say 3 speeds
but the picture has a digital read out that says 6

Percussion Massage Gun

does it give social distance massages, like from more than 6 feet away… I mean… it says GUN…

I bought this last time on a whim. It works fine but I agree that the stall pressure is low so if you really dig in, it’s not effective. But use it on your wife or girlfriend’s shoulders while you Netflix and you might get to chill. Just make sure your wife and girlfriend don’t meet.


I swear this look similar to what my chiro uses!

Lmao, I bought this last time and it never showed up. Woot claimed the vendor couldn’t send another (suddenly they can sell more a few days AFTER I get my refund???), Ibought a better one for $20 more on a sale. I’d recommend not buying this.

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Extreme Woot After Dark?

WOOT hub

They all look the same but the motors are different. This one says only 3 speeds yet they show a picture displaying one at 6. Usually the pictures are not as accurate as the written description. Amazon has $140 20 speed model on special for $70 after $70 discount. Apply coupon code “H8UNKT4Q” to get the checkout price of $70.



Enjoy them all

Thanks for the advice. I bought this special. Works fine on me, but it does appear to stutter when I attempt a deeper muscle massage on my husband. Used the code you provided and got it for slightly under 70. Arrives tomorrow and will let you all know how that one goes! :+1: