ZTECH Pill Dual Lightning Port Adapter

ZTECH Pill Dual Lightning Port Adapter

I can’t find any reviews for this thing… I’ve had the worst luck with second market adapters. THey’ll work for 3 minutes and then the iPhone shuts it down… probably for not being a sanctioned Apple device.

So, for $6, I’m guessing these’ll do the same.


I tend to stay away from third party Apple adapters and chargers as I believe they help with “frying” the port and messing up the battery. I may be crazy, but the only phones I’ve ever had battery issues (or charging issues) with were the ones I used third party chargers/adapters on.

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I wonder the same thing. I bought one from Amazon (different style) that is working quite well for my husband, but when I tried buying two more of a different style they work for about a minute then the “unsupported” message pops up and shuts it down. :frowning: I’m tempted to try one of these, but fear the same issue.

We’ve been using aftermarket lightning cables with no problems… other than the cables themselves dying… The phone batteries are still going strong.

WARNING!!! These things connect 2 LIGHTNING connections to your phone. It DOES NOT connect your “regular” audio headphones, which is what I wanted it to do. But it doesn’t. BUYER BEWARE.

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Looking at the description, it should work with your lightning headphones that came with your phone. If it’s not working, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

PS: it does not have a regular audio jack.

These are kinda neat… Does anyone know of an equivalent for USB C?

I bought one and it arrived yesterday. My iPhone 7 says something like ‘accessory not supported’ and I can’t hear anything. The battery did charge, but without the audio signal it is worthless.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Mine arrived. It works with apple headphones with lightning connector BUT it does NOT work with regular headphone jack connected THROUGH apple lightning to HEADPHONE jack dongle. Not much use to me. Apple headphones will not stay in my ear. Unless I hold them in. With fingers. Does anyone know of GOOD headphones with lightning connector?

I wanted the lighting charger and audio port but didn’t look carefully enough
Does ztech make that adapter ?


I bought two of these…one works while the other lasted about 3 minutes and has not worked since.

So much more convenient than including the headphone jack in the phone itself.

It’s not long enough to work with a phone case, and mine also said “unsupported”.

I suppose I expected one side to be a regular headphone jack but both ports are the apple lightning cable port. I don’t have any use for this adapter after all.