Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System

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this was just on here in the last month or so, I bought it for the wife.
It was actually $29.99 that day. ugh

I bought this the other month and had to return it because the DVDs were scratched. The DVD slips that they come in was faulty–the partition/adhesive in the middle that separates the DVDS came off, which I think contributed to the scratches. I’ll buy this again now in the hopes that the packaging won’t be faulty.

It’s still faulty. I just got mine today and the DVD’s are a mess with adhesive from the envelope stuck to them with one DVD cracked on the edges.

Item sold as “new” but the box I reviewed has clearly been opened and possibly used. Box was not sealed. All DVD’s had been opened (seals broken) and one disc was loose in the box.
I think it’s dishonest to sell an item as “new” without mention that it has clearly been opened by someone else already.

Oh jeez, sorry for the trouble! Please email support@woot.com with your order info, if you haven’t. CS can check into your order and review your options.

my packaging and all that was fine… I was more disappointed in the music in these dvds. I find in classes… I am sure they are instructor preference, but the popular mixes they use are so peppy, fun, and motivational. the music was disappointing…