Zunammy 8.5" LCD Writing/Drawing Tablet

can you export the drawings to jpeg or some other format and get them on a computer, email, etc?


“sealed 3v battery” does that mean that you throw it out when dead or is the battery replaceable?

Do you citizens get a demo to toy with or you forced to search fo’ empirical on 'facturer’s sites and the web?

Battery is replaceable. What that means is that the battery is sealed.

I don’t think we got a sample. We work with the vendor to get information.

As opposed to the unsealed 3v watch batteries out there today that require you to top off with distilled water when you switch to DST? Just funnin ya Jillybean, you guys are great.
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Same price at Amazon and they actualy have them in stock.

I see $19.95 + $5.95 shipping.

What a hoot - Woot! is related to Amazon. That is why you can sign in using an Amazon account.

Oh - this is unfortunate!The lack of saving to the device or exporting it or saving as a jpeg would solve my problem with wireless phone limitation, replacing my Note, and requiring me to purchase an expensive product (table, another note, etc.).

If this product had the capacity to save to the device, export to another device or save to as a photo …

It would be a great asset for people with impairments - visual, hard of hearing, deaf, communication (autistic, etc.), writing and mobility. I have not been able to find an inexpensive means to help with someone who has impaired vision and short term memory. This person has become very frustrated and it saddens me.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Most well reviewed I’ve seen is the Boogie Board Sync: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E8CIGCA

I’m not so sure about that, can you re-check it?

The promo text says the battery is sealed so you never have to replace it, and one of the biggest criticisms of the original Boogie Board was that the battery wasn’t replaceable but tended to only last a year or so - and they used similar verbiage in their marketing material. This looks to be a close copy of the original Boogie Board, so it may have a similar limitation.

It’s a pity since that’s pretty much the only thing that would make this useful… Are the drawings at least savable internally?

Think of this tablet as a dry erase board. Can you save a picture from a dry erase board? Can you upload a picture from a dry erase board?

you can photocopy it.