Zune 80GB Multimedia Player & Home Audio/Video Pack

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Zune 80GB Multimedia Player & Home Audio/Video Pack
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished Zune, New Home AV Pack

Product List:

  • 1 Microsoft Zune 80
  • 1 Zune Home A/V Pack

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Wish I could justify doing this, but my 30gb refurb from almost two years ago is still going strong. I do like zunes, though they’re a little bulky for my likes. Then again, mine just sits in my car. It has survived many a summer day. Plus, I can leave it out on the car seat and no one will ever break in to steal it. Who would steal a zune?

Oh yeah, the Zune pass is pretty cool. Especially since they’ve started letting you keep 10 of the songs that you download each month. Or at least that’s how it was last time I used it.

How does this compare with iPod? Now, don’t just say oh it’s so much better. I’ve never heard pro’s and con’s about it before.

Hmm wonder if this come comes in beautiful brown? :wink:

Good deal. I have 3 Zune 30s though, so no need.

Will this zune work with my mac?

Would you really want to place your trust in media to Microsoft? Pretty sure Zune is on it’s way out.

Random but this woot! reminded me: Whatever happened to that Zune bug that went around earlier this year?

I bought one two years ago at $250 for just the 80GB zune itself and I don’t regret it one bit. This is a nice deal - I’d snag another if I had $150 laying around.


80gb Zune ($230 NEW + $8 shipping):

A/V Pack ($30 new + $10 shipping):


~$278 shipped

Man, if only I had the money…

I guess my 8gb zune will have to do for now… Thank goodness for the free updates!

I’m glad that Woot is starting to sell Zunes again. Hopefully they keep coming!

Plenty of good reviews on Amazon.

Woohoo, first sucker!

Been waiting for these. My 30GB is still going strong but I filled it up long, long ago. Also been wanting the analog squircle.

I bought one for the full $250 price back when Circuit City existed. I’m telling you BEST THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. I love it SO much. I no longer have to deal with that pesky iTunes and the Zune has a WAY bigger screen than the iPod and the video quality is better. It has FM radio and this sick wireless stuff. I don’t know if that car pack at Sellout.woot charges it but if so, you can leave your zune in your car and it will WIRELESSLY sinc with your computer. The Zune marketplace is carp but i just use Amazon anyway. It is much nicer, saves things in formats that are usable unlike itunes, and easier to get album art/info etc. uploaded into your music. I love my Zune with a passion and the only reason i’d say not to get this is the new touch screen zune comes out this fall. But if that isn’t your thing you should SO get this. Great price for a great item and the AV pack thing makes it even better

Zunes are more durable

I already have a Zune… I would definitely buy the rest of the pack as a standalone, though. Bummer.

No, the Zune software isn’t compatible with Mac unfortunately.

will it tell me what interstate to take im lost!!!

Uh… Actually, it’s on the way in. Zune HD looks pretty sweet. (Tegra, anyone?)

I still love my BOC Zune 30 – thanks, Woot!