Zune 80GB Multimedia Player & Home Audio/Video Pack

Really good deal. Too bad I’ve owned a Zune which I was not overly impressed with, and own several iPods which I am very happy with.

Been waiting to snag one of these for awhile. Finally got my chance!

I highly recommend the Zune players, especially this 80 GB. They are a worthy alternative to the iPod Classic line, which is lacking on screen size, software (iTunes), and sound quality.

That being said, I’m totally waiting for the HD. Sorry Woot! :slight_smile:

New Zune comes out exactly one week from today

Wow this is a great deal! If I didnt have a zune already I would totally be on this. I remember last year when they were selling the 30 gig zunes for 100 refurbished.

here’s zune’s website for this one.

though they do come out with new ipods and new zunes in the next week so you might want to wait.

Too funny. I literally just sold my Zune 30 gig in preparation for the HD release. Seems like everyone is attempting to unload their older models.

Nice setup and price though.

How well does Microsoft stand behind their refurbished products?

I’d definitely buy this if I didn’t own a 30GB already. I’ve had both the Zune/iPod (both 30GB versions) and the Zune has always surpassed the iPod in terms of performance and sound quality.

However, Sansa has the best “software”. =P

LOL crap I got all excited because I have been waiting for the doc to come up and for once woot includes the zune player. Just my luck. Anyway I can’t recommend the player enough. Word is that ALL high capacity zunes are going disco once ZuneHD goes live so if you want one now is the time.

I have a Zune HD on order but I am almost actually tempted to buy this to get the dock, since it’s my understanding the HD only comes with a cable… and from what I can tell the docks will be compatible from a sync perspective…

I don’t need the HD video output although audio out would be obviously pretty important… :wink:

I don’t have any Zune at all, now I may have 2… ugh, hate spending the money but I hate the idea of just spending $80 for a charging/sync dock too.

I’ve had a refurb Zune (30GB) for about 2 1/2 years and its worked flawlessly. Though this may not answer your question concerning the customer service behind the refurb, but it DOES provide you with a little peace of mind!


So, after you listen to the song 3 times, will it auto delete or will it still fill up space on the Zune and you have to auto delete it later? Or hopefully it keeps all shared songs in one folder so you don’t end up with a bunch of non-playable songs taking up space.

EXTREMELY well. Fully covered 1 year warranty on the last three Zunes I bought from Woot

Yup. 16GB, and 32GB to start, and probably a 64GB eventually.

Sadly, I haven’t found any car stereos that support the Zune natively like they do with the ipods.

Roger that. All current flash- and hard-drive-based Zunes are officially off of the production line. Get 'em while you can.

got a zune 30 two years ago in similar circumstances on woot: offloading cheap zunes before the new cooler one comes out. still have it and use it, but battery sucks now. i would get this, but the HD blah blah blah.

Microsoft will discontinue all zune models except Zune HD. better buy this while you still can! http://zuneph.blogspot.com/2009/09/all-zunes-are-to-be-discontinued-except.html