Zune 80GB Multimedia Player & Home Audio/Video Pack

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Zune 80GB Multimedia Player & Home Audio/Video Pack
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished Zune, New Home AV Pack

Product List:

  • 1 Microsoft Zune 80
  • 1 Zune Home A/V Pack

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I HAVE a Zune, I just want the A/V pack, haha…

Does this woot off have the items timed?

Happy to see we’re getting away from the ipod crap. Now let’s move on to the Sansa crap.

Bummer! Missed an opportunity to have another Microsoft device in my house!!

Bought one in the last woot off, and it was a brick when I got it. Totally frustrating. Microsoft offered to replace it, but I ended up sending it back to my friends at woot.

Still & all, you get a lot for the money with this player. If you luck out and get one that works, right out of the box, life is good!

Got mine the last time they offered it. The Zune seemed new, and the home audio/video pack was in new packaging.

From reading the comments the last time, the concern is that wireless might not work properly. But many seemed to get a new Zune from Microsoft as replacement.

If you’re serious. Go check out Target. They clearanced out their Zune accessories for 75% off. I got the dock for $15 instead of $60.

I hear what’s you’re saying about the timing.
Last time, this showed up at between 7 and 8am right during my commute and I missed it then as well.

I too picked up an AV pack at the local Target for $15 last evening. Not all Target’s are at the 75% off level yet as its on a store by store basis.

Look at the stats:
0% bought 1
0% bought 2
0% bought 3

Is this another hic-up like last time for this item?

Got one the first time they offered it here and had to send 2 back to microsoft before I got one that works. Let me say I love it!

Assuming this was an erroneous post by woot…maybe we are going to get a chance to buy a Zune later in this woot-off???

If you recal, last time it was posted between 7-8:30am for only a few seconds. Apparently, no one bought any and it disappeared. this time, it was apparently several minutes, but the stats show none purchased, at least based on the percentages? Anyway, it came back later in the Woot-Off (for real). I missed it twice! I got a Zune30 in a RBofC a while ago. I think it has a bad hard drive, but you can get them on eb for about $30. I’ll keep waiting.

You never know with woot! I got the 80 gig zune from sellout.woot the last time it was offered. The battery life was horrible so I sent it back to Microsoft and they sent me a new zune. The battery in the remote was dead also but I had an old battery lying around that worked just fine in the remote. The AV pack is awesome!

I just got a refurbished 8 gig zune from Newegg this week for 69.00 and that included a car pack and a leather case. Looks like newegg still has those on sale.