Zuo Modern Furniture




Are the white barstools counter height or Bar height? I can’t tell from the description.


These are $93.89 @ Rakuten.com (Buy.com)


Zuo is the Mandarin Chinese word for ‘sit,’ so it’s an appropriate brand name. http://www.zhongwen.com/d/167/x164.htm


Nothing like getting 3 dining room chairs from woot! I never thought I’d find a solution for my triangular dinner table!


Duo Modern is also a seller of counterfeit modern designs. Not all of their product is authorized for sale by the original designers. I know because I work for one of those designers. Shame on you Zuo - shame on you Woot!!


The Butcher barstool is just begging for a Minecraft wrap.


Why does grownup always translate to more expensive?


Has anyone else had the thought that they’ve seen this stuff in IKEA for much less?


I’m not sure why this is furniture is “Modern” it looks like cheap crappy furniture you’d see in a public school.


“Leatherette back straps…”

Maybe it’s the crowd I hang with, or where I shop, or what I read, or what TV shows I watch, but I haven’t heard the word Leatherette in decades.


It’s modern because that’s what style this is.

That cheap public school furniture is probably inspiored by the same type of modern furniture that inspires these much cheaper pieces of furniture.(cheaper than name-brand modern furniture that is, not cheaper than the public school furniture.)


Similar, but as far as I know, Ikea uses original designs from either in-house or contracted outside designers. This furniture by Zuo may have “borrowed” or been inspired by some of those designs. But more than likely both Ikea and Zuo pieces are inspired or knock-off other, even more expensive designs.


Unfortunately, this: