Zupa Noma Whole30 Soup Sampler (12)

Zupa Noma Whole30 Soup Sampler (12)

Are the Best By dates correct? These expired in April and June, or was the year supposed to be 2019?

“Freshness you can taste”…or could have tasted 7 months ago… let’s hope its a mistake that will be corrected.

Correction to Specs

The year should be 2019. It will be corrected soonish.

Ummm, Yummm, superfood soup. Drink your broccoli.

Are all of these meant to drink cold??

Smacks forehead, I could of had a V8.

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They are very good cold but can also be heated. it’s a great healthy meal replacement when in a hurry. much less sugar then the juice drinks.

Thank you

I just reached out to customer support as the bottles that I received have a use by date of 11/19/2018 & January 2019. Not as per the updated specs :frowning:

Received 11/14/18 at 7:30 PM
Tomatillo Kale Jalapeno(4) exp. 11/19/18
Carrot Coconut Lime (4) exp. 11/19/18
Tomato Gazpacho (4) exp. 1/14/19
Beet Orange Basil (4) exp. 1/14/19

Expensive mistake.

I’m very sorry. Please email woot support so they can help you.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Thank you.