Zurich Stainless Pull-Down Spray Kitchen Faucet

I am confused - the first pic shows the pot filler having no shutoff valve, while some of the remaining pics (containing that specific component) show it with the shutoff valve.

I purchased this model of faucet for my kitchen last year (from one of the big box hardware stores) and LOVE it. My model does have the shutoff valve for the pot filler, which in my opinion is a valuable piece of hardware. Unless I am missing something, how else would you turn off the pot filler when you only wanted to run the extendable sprayer?

As far as feel, it is top notch. The faucet is quite sturdy. The operation is smooth like a well made piece of hardware. The sprayer handle is a nice feeling rubber while everything else is metal.

Lime has caused some splatter from the aerator but a quick wipe with my fingertip seems to clean that right off, maybe once every few months.

Water pressure is excellent out of the sprayer, assuming the pot filler is off. With both on, pressure of the sprayer is just right for hand washing and other light spraying needs (plant watering, etc).

The sprayer also has a metal latch to keep it running all the time. Very nice if you are doing lots of rinsing or want to let go of the sprayer while working with food, etc.

Make sure you have a sturdy way to secure it because it is both tall and heavy. We have quartz counters and it is solid on those, not sure what laminate would feel like.

We did experience a leak from what seems like the base. When water collects (as it does when washing dishes, etc) at the base of the faucet it will drip down. Not sure if that is the fault of the seam from our counter top, which runs down the center line of the faucet, or the o-ring at the faucet base. Either way, we just keep a towel there because I’ve been too lazy to caulk…

Remember that if you have the hot/cold control as pictured (sideways) the cold is still on the right, if you were to face it head-on. So…cold is away from you and hot toward you. Confused us for a bit til we got used to it.

The sprayer handle is insulated, but if you have the hot water on all the way, the metal portions can get warm, so just be aware of this. Hasn’t been a problem - just something to remember.

When people visit and/or use the faucet they have good things to say. The kitchen is a centerpiece and this faucet is one of the centerpieces in the kitchen. I’ve not heard anything bad yet.

good review, might need one of these for upcoming kitchen remodel.

one note for you… I would agree that your hot/cold is backwards, it seems likely that you have your supply lines flipped around, just flip them back and things will be “right” (and a few months of retraining yourself I imagine)

I have one of these that I bought several years ago when I remodeled my kitchen. Not sure if it will be a problem for most people but I keep my water heater on a pretty hot setting. the problem with that is it seems to loosen the crimped connections on the hose for the sprayer if hot water is run through it for too long.
I’ve had them blow apart twice since I’ve owned it spraying water all over my kitchen. Luckily I was able to turn it off before the water got too hot and before it did too much damage to my ceiling and cabinets.
My problem may have been that I would always leave the bottom lever on and would just use the sprayer or turn on the pot filler faucet depending on what I needed.

I appreciate the kind words - as soon as I saw this was listed on Woot, I felt like a pro and had to review lol. My water lines are hooked up correctly. They are color coded under the sink, so hard to get that wrong. One copper tube is longer than the other, and they are both somewhat close. See my image below to give you an idea of how it hooks up and attaches to the underside of the counter.

They specifically say in the documentation that internal damage may occur if the main water valve is left on, while both sprayer and pot filler valves are off.

To quote: “Do not use the independent volume controls, meaning the pot filler or sprayer, to regulate your on and off. Always turn off the main valve at the handle. Failure to do so can shorten the lifetime expectancy of your Vigo faucet. It can also cause failure to the faucet and potentially cause property damage.”

From Vigo’s website: VG02007 Manual in PDF page 3, under Important Points section.

Ok, we heard back from the vendor about the valve question. They say:

“As of 1/15/2016 we have changed the design of our VG02007, which has been updated on our sites and I believe our vendor sites as well. The design was changed so that the pot filler goes on and then you can divert to sprayer. The reason for the change is because customers where leaving the main valve on and leaving the house causing pressure to build up and damaging the faucet internally.”

We are working on sorting out the images and should have everything squared away soon.

Does anyone know if this model has a pot filler shut off valve? Apparently on some earlier models there are issues caused by the pot filler valve. On the newer models they eliminated the pot filler shut off valve and it cured the issue. Anybody know???

After reviewing the PDF manual I am still confused. The diagrams in the manual show no valve on the filler spout but the description next to the drawing says:
“Both pot filler and sprayer can be operated at one time”
Can they be operated simultaneously or does the pot filler shut off when the sprayer is activated?
It also lists that the filler spout swivels 365’ but the drawing indicates only 90’ swivel.

I answered this question above.