Zvision Virtual Reality Headset

I wouldn’t suggest this product as there is no way to communicate with your device once it is in the headset. Look around for one with a wireless or built in controller included, because without it you cant even use the google cardboard app!

googling “ZTVR001” was so uninformative that it was, actually, informative.

Staples is selling the ZTVR001 for $13.99 online; deal expires Oct 29, 2016.

Instructions are lacking. For instance, there’s no instructions on how to actually open the dang thing. I see a tab on the side, and I keep pulling at it, but I’m afraid it’s going to break.

Would it have been too much to include a diagram how you actually put your phone inside?

Working on getting a PDF. In the meantime, here’s this:


There’s a “drawer” that slides open.

Does anyone know how to make this thing work?! I have downloaded the Google Cardboard app…it doesn’t work with it. I also tried the Samsung Gear or Oculus or whatever that is…none of the vr apps I’ve tried work with it :frowning: Getting ready to smash the thing!

Maybe I can help. What exactly are you having trouble with? Getting the apps to work on your phone, or getting your phone to work with this headset?