Zvision Virtual Reality Headset

I find it rather discriminatory that very few of these VR headsets are compatible with those of us who wear eyeglasses. Samsung’s Gear VR fits perfect over my glasses. Most headsets wont focus so that I can see due to my strong prescription. I just wonder if this one is just like all the rest.

“Discriminatory”? Uh huh… right.

Most headsets don’t accommodate glasses, VR or HUD, or otherwise. Even the highest priced ones like Vive and Oculus don’t do it well, or at all, depending on the size and shape of your glasses.

You have to realize that there can’t be solutions that will match all situations, all the time. I’ve found that a number of VR and HUD headsets I’ve tried correct my 20/200 vision just fine and glasses would have entirely interfered with the operation of the lenses. I prefer to wear my contacts, or let the headset correct my vision.

These look like these on Amazon, same girl with slightly different VR headset, $3 cheaper there. Also for what it’s worth I found any of the headsets that use a spring-loaded holder will not fit a Moto X Pure.


Will this work with an iphone?

Per the description: Supports all smartphones from 4-6 inches in length

Not at all satisfied with the quality or performance. Save your money.

Same here. I can’t seem to get these to work. Anyone know of an Android app that works with them?