Zvue Spirit 1GB MP3 Player with Preloaded Music

1 Zvue Spirit 1GB MP3 Player with Preloaded Music

$6.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

What on earth IS that thing?

Very small…

That’s Tempting for Freebird…

ecch, I can get a 1GB thumb drive for 5 bux…pass


not for me

lol you’re kidding me

oh my god i want it so bad but it is just too worthless… i don’t think i can do it

Oh, woot…

If I bought this and listened to the music, I’d patriotically purchase an assault weapon with ammunition and commence to shoot myself.

Wow… that’s cheesy.




The white slip case is nice in case you travel to another country…

God bless America for buying patriotic products made in China

I’m going to be patriotic by purchasing an mp3 player made in china!

Hmm stocking stuffer? White elephant? Secret Santa ? Could be a nice cheap gift option…

Can we change the pre-loaded music?

TYPO ON THE DESCRIPTION “Drive Shouth, John Hiatt”

First to report it.

This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen… Evar!