Zvue Spirit 1GB MP3 Player with Preloaded Music

Preloaded Music?!?!? WTF? OMG! It’s BEEGEES only! :stuck_out_tongue:

But totally worth it for the USB wall-chargers! In for THREE! :smiley:

Is there a blue state version?


America Rocks! but this little mp3 player doesn’t…

wow these are small

Sweet, very patriotic.

these aren’t gone??

tempting stocking stuffers, but I don’t think anyone on my list would appreciate it. Seems like it would mainly suit little kids

This one’s funny

Shoot me

Wasn’t there a lawsuit by the RIAA over this?


boy, for $6.99 that’s sure gotta sound good, huh?

talk about a woot killer…

In for 3!!! …not

Bought this last time it was up. For a <$10 mp3 player it isn’t bad at all.

if it was 6.99 WITH shipping id buy one, just not worth it

preloaded music… gross!

picked up this puppy last time it was offered, and it’s actually pretty fun.
USB is really simple and straightforward, menus take a little getting used to, but it has an external speaker, and an awesome tin box! the USB wall charger is worht the money alone.