ZWA: ZWoK Whores Anonymous


thanks to brownie and pbl’s idea, we now have a place to leave our zwok stats without boring everyone else…

Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 519
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 977
Overall Score: 973,041
Accuracey: 40%

i got sidetracked when my mom came in earlier, and discovered after having been out for 20 minutes or so that i was in fact in a game! and the other person still took 4 turns after that to take me out…


Zwok ID: yyl
Position: 1222
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 632
Overall Score: 584,758
Accuracey: 42%


Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 510
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,000
Overall Score: 996,056
Accuracy: 40%

having just reached 1,000 games, i can easily see that all-time i’m averaging just under 1,000 points a game…


End of Night:

Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 469
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,055
Overall Score: 1,050,644
Accuracy: 40%


nice average of 955 per game
I’m at 925


Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 458
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,074
Overall Score: 1,071,354
Accuracy: 40%
Average points per game: 997.5…


Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 446
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,091
Overall Score: 1,102,161
Accuracy: 40%
Average points per game: 1,010.23…


congrats on the over 1000 averge


thanks, it’s holding, so far…
Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 426
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,109
Overall Score: 1,120,844
Accuracy: 40%
Average points per game: 1,010.68…


I brought mine up to 930


you might pass me; i’ve been having a lot of 200 point games…

and more 0 point games than i’d like…


I’ve been having the same luck as you… .lots of getting bumped off…


I want to play.



Zwok ID: yyl
Position: 926
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 764
Overall Score: 722,553
Accuracy: 42%
Average points per game: 945.75


congrats on breaking 1,000; you’re moving right up… and you’ve got an edge on me with the accuracy…

Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 418
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,128
Overall Score: 1,139,944
Accuracy: 40%
Average points per game: 1,010.59…


i got booted a lot tonight… no real change, just 10 spots closer to the high score list…


Zwok ID: yyl
Position: 915
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 785
Overall Score: 748,217
Accuracy: 42%
Average points per game: 953.14


Zwok ID: jqubed
Position: 396
Rank: Overlord
Matches: 1,196
Overall Score: 1,203,575
Accuracy: 40%
Average points-per-game: 1,006.33…

I’m back in the top 400, but my PPG is falling… I’m about 175,000 behind the leader board…


lot’s of booting tonight and not enough bandwith so you can’t move as much as you want too