Zwilling Gourmet 18-PC Block Set w/Sharpener

It’s my understanding that all Zwilling Henckel knives are made in Germany. The listing says that these are made in Spain.

Which is it?


Macy’s has these on sale for $20 more. They’re made in Spain.

“The Gourmet series is the only series made outside of Germany that uses our proprietary, premium ZWILLING Special Formula High Carbon No-Stain Steel. This steel is not available on any of the J.A. Henckels International knives. These knives are manufactured in Spain using German steel.”
— from Zwilling Customer Support answering this question on their site.

Side note: I have a Pro set of their knives and I’m in love with them. For years in college and then after I also had assorted Zwilling knives I picked up in local stores instead of buying a set. They have my business for life.

I own just one of this brand -with the TWO - little guys on the blade, NOT ONE. The two guy marking is the better quality. I use it every day.

However, I am not happy with the idea that they are fabbing in Spain to save a buck. I’ll stick with the German ones, even with the two guy marks on these. Standards do slip under pressure…ask Volkswagen about their little diesel MPG problem.


Same price and free shipping on Zwilling’s site.

Thanks to a website screw up, I ordered this set, but when the purchase receipt didn’t come through, ordered a different, 15-piece set from Macy’s, which was $20 more. I purchase this knife set to replace an existing Henckels set we bought about 12 years ago. This is what I can tell you now having received the Woot order, as well as the Macy’s order.

The Woot set here is made from STAMPED stainless steel, made in Spain to Henckels specifications. It shows the “two man” symbol on the blades. This set is virtually identical to the set we originally purchased, and which had become dull. The Macy’s set on the other hand is made from FORGED German steel, apparently assembled/finished in Spain. This set has a “one-man” symbol on the knives. Confusing, isn’t it.

Which set did we keep?

The Macy’s set. The forged steel blades are significantly more rigid, and do not “flex” when being used. They flex some, but about half what the stainless set does. We were looking to “knife-up” in terms of quality, and while the Woot set offers more knives/accessories than we had before, the quality of the steel is the same.

The Woot set is certainly nice and seems to offer a lot for the price, but you can’t beat forged steel for longevity. The Woot set is going back.