Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cutlery

As an FYI, the cutting boards featured are amazing. Very stable and sturdy.

Epicurean cutting boards are the best ever. Made in Duluth MN. Great stuff for the price.

Henkels with the twin logo are good knives. We have a set with the single and the twins and the twins are much higher quality knives and hold an edge really well.

Yes I would use Zwilling. It’s a great name!! Not common, not hard to pronounce, not dumb!! I love it!! Congratulations Zwilling for having such a name.

(Zwilling means twin) I have an 8" 4 star chefs knife and 4 " 4 star utility knife that are over 35 years old and still going strong. I added a 4 star 6" chef, a block and 4 star 8" carving, and a bread knife to the collection about 20 years ago. Best quality for the price.
The Pure line is a step down from what I have. You can get them from the J A Henckels web site for about this same price.

From which product line are these knives?

That doesn’t appear to have all the lines. The names are in our titles:


Here’s the Zwilling site to look them up. You can search by name or number.

Similar knife to the Woot-offered “Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cronidur 4” Paring Knife - 33900-100" at $63.99 + $5.00 shipping:

ZWILLING® Cronidur 4" Parer, Item 33900-103 at is $59.99 and includes shipping.

I have no idea the difference between 33900-100 and 33900-103.

Thanks very much. It took me awhile to find the product lines. The lines are not included/displayed on the front page. You have to click on each individual knife to find out from which product line it comes.