Zwilling J.A. Henckels Cutlery

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels 30340-094 Twin Cuisine 3" Paring/Vegetable Knife is listed on the Williams-Sonoma site for $79.95 as “A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.”

I’m in for one. This is exactly the knife I have been looking for to replace a cheap, worn out paring knife that I have had for 15+ years. I’m gradually replacing my most-used knives. I received the Shun Premier 8" Chef’s Knife for my birthday in February – my most used knife. My second most used is a paring knife, and I particularly wanted the sheep’s foot shape because I prep a lot of vegetables. I also have a Shun Utility Knife (purchased in 2009) that gets its heaviest use for tomato sandwich prep in the summer. That means I just need a bread knife. Woot, feel free to offer the Shun Premier Bread Knife. :slight_smile:

I have the Four Stat utility knife. Great knife. Use it all the time. Bought mine for $25 at Homegoods. I think they are now selling the Four Star II knives, which are the same, but with a weighted metal end on the handle. I think these might just be old stock.

It looks like these are seconds. “Special Note: This knife is inscribed with a small letter “B” on the blade meaning B-Grade. This knife may have slight cosmetic imperfections, which should not affect knife performance.” Plus, 90-day limited Woot guaranty vs lifetime Henckels warranty. I was in until I saw that.

Around 25-30 years ago I bought a set of 4 Star knives. 6", 8" chefs, 4" paring, 8" slicer sharpening steel and block. I added an 11" bread knife and a 4" serrated utility (great tomato slicer) I have never needed any other knives. These (other than the serrated and bread) were all professionally sharped once and still have a keen edge. These are some of the finest knives made.

i bough “B” stock twin cuisine knifes from the Zwilling website. they guarantee these knifes onlu suffer from cosmetic defects and preform just as well as the normal stock. Aside from the B i didn’t notice anything wrong with the knifes i bought a couple months back.

I have the same knife. Bought it 5 or 6 years ago and use it almost daily. Great for fruit and veg, bread or just about anything.

The quality of these knives is so good the B-grade won’t have any effect.

I have been using a Twin Cuisine set for 7 years and by far they are the best knives I ever used. They are heaver then your Japanese knives like Global but they fit my hand perfectly.
Just like any knife always wash by hand and never let it sit in water. Mine are still as sharp as the day I got them and I have not sharpened them yet outside the honing bar.

B Grade = not $70 MSRP

Just an FYI:

If anyone lives in or near New York City, Zwilling J.A. Henckels is having its annual “Sample Sale” shortly on cutlery, cookware, etc.

It’s 10am-7pm, Wednesday, June 26 thru Sunday, June 30, at the Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave., NY, NY.