Zwilling JA Henckels Four Star 6-Piece Block Set

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Zwilling JA Henckels Four Star 6-Piece Block Set
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We own the Chef’s knife from this set, along with several other, more premium kitchen knives, and this has become my wife’s favorite. From my perspective, it sharpens and holds an edge as well as anything else we own. It is solidly constructed and well balanced. It has been the “best buy” or “best bang for the buck” in the kitchen.

I have a different set, some pieces are over 25 years old, still sharper than most knives. Some of the best knives made.

That’s a sharp deal.

My dad always swore by Henckels - the German ones not the Japanese ones. They were the only knives he’d use.

Of my 3 sets of knives Henckel, Wusthof Trident and Global, the only set I use are my Global knives. They have the best balance, are easy to keep sharp and best of all they stay sharp the longest.

As a former steak house manager who worked her way up through the kitchen ranks, this is the best damn woot deal and I am positive this is worth every penny. The henckel name is chef loved, high end quality and a wise investment. They are sharp, well constructed and may cause you to hand them down to your kids cuz they last. An example, I am 45 and bought my first set similar to this one with the addition of 8 steak knives and kitchen shears and they still are a pleasure to use, as I’m still an avid at home cook. They are well balanced knives with a great weight that makes any food a pleasure to chop or slice or carve, even fillet! The bread knife alone is worth what I paid, and I recently was looking at these at Macy’s and the single chef knife was priced higher than this set on Black Friday! Anyways 25 or so years ago I bought my set for $299 at what once was the Bon mArche in seattle. It was alot of money back then, and at 21 it took me forever to pay off my first store credit card lol, and everyone envied what a great deal it was. The thing that’s AMAZEBALLS CRAZY ABOUT THIS DEAL? They weren’t Zwilling which is of even better quality and one of the top of the line brands available. I know folks that for years have been amazed by these knives and they never have had to be sharpened. Only problem is, I have since learned to budget and overspent for xmas… So don’t buy them til after the first week in january, cuz it’s payday and I will be needing them just for the thrill of owning new ones that are zwilling! Save me some!