Zyxel 2-Bay SATA Network Attached Storage Appliance

$100 seems high for something that doesn’t actually include any storage, particularly something that maxes out at a mere 750GB per drive.

I’m guessing it’s a discount over what it usually costs, but…still.

I’ve got one of these at work, it works nicely. You can mirror or stripe the two discs in it (we mirror).
It runs linux and is configurable via a web interface with lots of bells and whistles.

Is this microwavable safe?

Is this so you can make your internal drives into externals? I’m not exactly sure what it does.

I had a Zyxel Wireless G card (From WOOT 2 years ago maybe?)

Card worked OK, software sucks. This is one of those no-name brands. Overall seem to do a decent job staying in the game with the big brands.

This still seems a little pricey with no drives…

Im new to this site. I like it, snet to all my friends,

What is this??? Is this a shoe box will deodorize my tennis shoes?

I just bought a ReadyNAS Duo for $200 and it came with a 1TB drive installed. I don’t see the appeal in this one.

Okay…either they only had one or two, or they screwed something up at the server end.

I guess I don’t understand why, if it handles SATA II drives, it won’t handle a higher capacity drive than 750GB (albeit two of 'em). As long as the drive will physically fit in the bay, why should the enclosure care what capacity the drive is?