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Anyone tried these out? Let us know!


I bought the ZyXEL NBG5715 router when it first came out and I have been very happy with it. It was a huge improvement over the relatively new Linksys it replaced.


Found this review from a fellow Wooter on Amazon:
“”"I have had good luck in the past with ZyXEL products so when I saw this on Woot, I figured it was worth a shot and was hoping to use it as a travel router.
This does a lot of neat things well, for instance the failover/failback from wired to 3g is smooth and it seems to maintain a good connection on both. There are a lot of options like monitoring 3g minutes etc.

The problem is, every time I turn it off, it goes back to the default config (ZyXEL SSID, default password, open wifi), this would be a huge security risk if I had it connected to my lan on the copper. This is the biggest reason for 1 star, no device should ever default to wide open network access.
To fix this, I log in, restore the backup, it reboots and it works great again. I tried the latest firmware as of this writing, V1.00(MWB.1.53) 5/19/2011, but that does not help.

For support there is this […] but it is more pre-sales than support. The website also claims knowledge base support but it is all “coming soon”, next I’ll try email support, we’ll see how that goes but I am not holding my breath.


I was contacted by ZyXEL about this and they recommended I return it to the seller. I then contacted Woot, CC’ing the ZyXEL rep and after a few more emails, I received a replacement and shipping label in an Amazon box. I applied my backup to the new unit and it worked just fine even though I have not updated the firmware yet.

This unit was great on a recent trip to PA where my Sprint coverage was “roaming” everywhere I went and the hotel wireless was a mess. I popped in my Verizon 3g card and had a solid signal whenever I needed one.

I left this at 4 stars because I still think the default config should not allow a wide open network. “”""

This is NOT my review - I don’t know jack about routers. I feel advanced that I can copy & paste. :wink:

I picked it from here: http://www.amazon.com/ZyXEL-MWR222-Mobile-Wireless-Router/dp/B004I449KQ


Detailed specs and reviews for the ZyXEL NBG5715 Dual-Band Wireless N Router. This is a great price for it; if I didn’t already have a router that is functioning fine, plus one still boxed in case the first dies, I’d probably be buying this.


Looking for a reliable home router; is this it?


Question- can I plug my BB into this router and tether my signal to my laptop or andriod tablet?


I purchased one at retail and purchased two more. Yes, very reliable IMO. Get it, you will be pleased. Just make sure you secure it properly and verify. Thanks Woot.beta!


i use these alot for work. from what i can see it needs to be a supported modem, so i would guess that would not work