Zyxel M-102 Xtreme Mimo Wireless Laptop Adapter



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Zyxel M-102 Xtreme Mimo Wireless Laptop Adapter
$19.99 + $5 shipping
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product(s): 1 Zyxel M-102 Xtreme Mimo 108mbps Wireless Laptop Adapter


No way to make this work in a normal PC?

Edit: lol @ all the “I’m first” shit that got deleted 30 seconds later.


I suppose this is for the 14 people in the United States that don’t have built-in wireless for their laptop.


PCMCIA to PCI adapter…which costs more money


You need a card that plugs into a PCI slot and lets you plug any PCMCIA/Cardbus card into it. I think US Robotics makes one, forgot who else.


Good woot.


$57+ everywhere else.

Too bad most people have built-in wireless now, though.


I know that MIMO is between 802.11G and 802.11N, but when is wireless N coming out?


What laptop today DOESN’T come with built-in wireless?


Zy’ve never heard of this!


No Vista.


PCMCIA to PCI adapter…which costs more money


Is there any external connection or just the ‘smart antenna’ , anyone?


this gives me a stronger signal in my wireless card? How much better?


Cardbus? ExpressCard34 here.


if you look hard enough, you’ll find an adapter.


Anything with “Xtreme” in the name is bad news.


if you build it, they will come


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you could always get one of these.
link that was stretching the page

as for the card, no go for me, just bought one off of newegg. mimo does sound good though