Zyxel M-302 802.11b/g Extreme MIMO PCI Adapter



Damn I was hoping for something good today

Zyxel M-302 802.11b/g Extreme MIMO PCI Adapter
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 Zyxel M-302 802.11b/g Extreme MIMO PCI Adapter


i got the links… useful linkage has all the comparison links… everyone should go wireless… definitely… so don’t trip.


If it’s not 802.11n, then why bother?

B is nearly useless now. Just too slow & old. G is still strong, but N is taking over. Since N is backward compatible (and faster and better range), it’s silly to purchase the old technology now. It’s like buying a car that you KNOW will fall apart in 2 months.


Whee, wireless internets!

Check out The Woot Review for information on this woot and others as they come!


I have one and it works great!


Most desktops come with the feature included. And from research, No vista support and/or plans for it.


What’s a Zyxel?

Is that a new drug for depression or something?


Does this work on vista?


Is 802.11n even finalized yet? This would come in handy to couple in with that netgear MIMO router from a few wootoffs ago. I may buy some.


I own this…and you really cannot go wrong on this one for sure…
I just hoped that we had something today on Woot that I did not own !


NO and no plans for driver support.


Is there any purpose to this if I have a wireless router as far as a laptop is concerned? Bec I do not get good coverage and the wireless always gets cut off and I have to reboot. Does anyone know if this would help?


here comes the obvious question

will it work on a mac?


Could attempt compatibibility install … I personally had no luck.


How much for just the breasts? Or do I have to wait for Tuesday?


Question should be doesn’t anyone support *nix ?


How about Linux support? Does it work?


Laptops don’t use PCI.


No WPA2? Do not want. Plus IMHO you get what you pay for with these things. I’ve got a cheap CompUSA card that gets 4/5 bars when it is SITTING NEXT TO THE ROUTER. Meanwhile the Wii gets perfect reception in the other room…