ZyXEL Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter AV2000

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ZyXEL Pass-Thru Ethernet Adapter AV2000
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I purchased these back in Feb from the mothership to see if they would fix a problem I had with my wi-fi without having to run cat6e cable and terminate it in my office in the basement. They work very well for me. I maintain a solid connection at 1.0Gbps with these adapters with very little jitter or other issues.

Please note that this is my personal review on my use in my home with my wiring. Individual results may vary. If your home has old wiring or runs through multiple breaker boxes or the distance is great you will see different results. If you are looking to possibly run some in-wall networking but scared of the price it might be worth checking out this product.


Got 'em. They worked for a while, but didn’t last a year. I think I may have had a power surge or something because one of them stopped working entirely. And of course, they’re only any good in pairs, so…

I use this with my Roku when its wireless connection frequently buffered HD streams. Easy to maintain, and it’s encrypted so that others can’t tap your LAN via power line leakage.

Yeah, unfortunately, you can’t plug these into surge protectors or UPS’s. I use a Dlink device on my security camera system and had to have a separate plug for the adapter where the rest of the camera system was plugged into the UPS.

For the poster so said these held a “solid 1.0gbps”, I have a feeling you were looking at the reported connection speed on your computer.

This has no real bearing on the throughput between your pc and whatever’s on the other end of the powerline network, only how fast your pc can talk to the powerline adapter it’s plugged into.

HomePlug AV2 is slated to top out in the 500Mbps range, but that’s under ideal conditions.

I had (well, still have but don’t use) a set of AV2 adapters from another manufacturer and going from my basement to the top floor they had reported rates (from the config utility) in the 150mbps range and real-world throughput closer to 100 (and that’s shared for both directions; try and have data going back and forth simultaneously you’re closer to 50 on each side).

These are a decent product to buy if you’re just trying to get your outside internet connection to reach more parts of your house (assuming you have a typical home internet connection speed). For steaming netflix et al, they’re perfectly serviceable.

If you’re doing any sizeable transfers between devices within your home through these (copying big files to/from a NAS, etc) you’re likely to be disappointed.

In addition to not being designed to work with surge protectors, they may not function with a GCFC outlet. You may also need to try more than one outlet to make sure you have an A and B end that is on the same circuit.

These are great for extending a faster than wireless (but slower than true 10/100/1000 Ethernet) to parts of the house that aren’t already wired. I use these to provide a jack in my living room and use a switch to go to the Roku, Xbox, and cable box. I use the same for the bedroom so I have a wire for the Xbox when I move it, the Blu-ray, cable box, and another Roku.

I agree that the biggest disappointment would come from streaming or moving large files. I would not recommend this for streaming large movie files from a share or routinely copying files that need to be accessed relatively quickly. But for most other activity, it is a huge quality of life improvement over wireless. Music, photos, and most internet activity should not be a problem.