1:8 Scale Off-Road 4WD Buggy



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand goodnight


Finally something I want from a Woot off…but no funds…thankfully. Already got 2 1/8th scale Nitros I haven’t touched in 2 years.


I was hoping for an 8:1 scale. I am disappoint.


What happened to Woot?! 11% off Retail?! ELEVEN Percent?! And no BOC’s for everrr. WOw, amazonians. Way to kill a great site. SMH.


Or maybe, just maybe, there’s not a lot of margin on these to begin with?


i haven’t seen a Bag of Cannabis in a long time on Woot. Not since the redesign.


Somebody yesterday was upset about missing the Forever Lazy. They’re up again on Home. Get going if you’re here.


Annnnd, thank you for reinforcing my opinion of the new AmaWoOt.