10" GEL memory foam mattress

10" GEL memory foam mattress

It’s great that the mattress is Certi-Pur and that it’s made in the USA. Why is there no reference to a brand name (recognizable or not). Heck, just make something up. :wink: Seriously, how do I compare this item? Where do I find ratings or user reviews for this no name mattress. This is something that I’m going to park my behind on for 5-10 years. What are my options if I don’t like the mattress? I guess that I will have to pass.

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Welcome to mattress shopping. That’s how it always is.

The warranty is from “Future Foam Inc.” if that tells you anything.

Woot’s return policy:
For bulky items like this, they’ll likely charge you the flat $50 fee to return it.

I bought a cheap firm memory foam mattress on Amazon and had to add a softer gel pad to the top. Still cheaper and better experience than buying brand-name mattresses.

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If it helps, I’ve bought both my memory foam mattreses from woot!. A full maybe 5 years ago and my king about 3 and we love them both

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A number of the inexpensive memory foam mattresses have fiberglass in the cover as a way of meeting fire safety standards. It’s ok if you never remove the cover, but there have been horror stories of fiberglass getting spread all over homes.

How can we tell if this is one of the “bad” ones?

Seems “Future Foam” has used fiberglass in the covers before:

and caused huge problems for some families.

Hello, per the vendor:

Every memory foam mattress has a fireproof sock on it to meet the fire standards for mattresses. It is not used in the cover, but there is a Fire Resistant sock that is place over the foam and then the cover goes over top of that. We don’t recommend that you remove the cover… it should be spot cleaned like any other mattress.

We don’t produce Sealy mattresses that was mentioned by the first comment.

Is is standard for memory foam mattresses.