100% Cotton 4PC Zero Twist Bath Sheets

100% Cotton 4PC Zero Twist Bath Sheets

“Completely Wrap Yourself”

If you’re a Chihuahua

A bath towel that is 16 inches by 12 inches??? That’s a washcloth!!! For $40ish dollars! I don’t think so!!

Notice there is no picture of an adult “wrapped” in this bed sheet. Wonder why?

Lol. That was for the package. Not sure how that wa a useful but…

The dimensions of the Bath sheets are: 66 in x 35 in

I bought these the last time they were on sale and I received 4 towels that were thin, the wrong color, and much smaller than a bath sheet. I’m returning for a full refund. Maybe you’ll have better luck, but I say look elsewhere.

I’ve had some in the Blue Stone color for a couple of years now. Still in good shape and very big!

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