1080p WiFi Wireless Mini Security Camera

1080p WiFi Wireless Mini Security Camera

Is not a competitive price for ChinaCam.

Good Gawd. If you’re gonna try to sell something then review the ad you"re posting. At least make it sound like someone with intelligence is posting instead of some non english speaking half wit.


Eh, it’s not that bad. I’ve seen MUCH worse.

can’t help wonder whether AndyTK refer to comment jeffosaurus say, or to product narrative on page. this look interesting product and camera cheap pricing i get multiple of them and put everywhere, because

“It will faithfully record your uninvited guests actions…” LMFAO


On second thought, since 90% of the 5-star reviews about this product seem to be what some might call FAKE AS HELL, especially compared with the 3-star and below reviews, all in standard american vernacular or the occasional spanish, and none of which say anything good at all…HARD PASS!

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  1. Pictured product has cases on camera and battery.
    Received camera and batery has shrink tubing, no case, and looks more like a kit. Connectors borad has no real protection from elements,
  2. "Dual Detachable Lens: Dual lenses are full 1080P HD resolution. Built-in lens is installed inside of the case " : No case,so…
  3. antenna on thin wire, dangling. likely to break.
    All this makes it ok as a toy or for fun, but any serious use will require some work.

I’m sorry for the problem. I’m not understanding what part was missing. Could you take a pic of what you got or show me on our photos what’s missing?

Also, if you didn’t get what was pictured/described, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Sweet!Perfect timing.I’ve been looking for a security camera.

I just got two of these in the mail. Look absolutely nothing like the pictures. Instruction manual is solely about the app and has no info about the camera itself (at least not the portion that’s in English - maybe the Chinese portion of the manual has info on the camera). There are NOT 2 cameras with one built-in and one detachable. There’s one that’s coming out of a rubber-covered 2" long chip of some sort and it does not appear to detach - at least not without cutting away the rubber covering to see if there’s an accessible connection. This thing is a cheap piece of garbage and bears no resemblance to the plastic rectangular apparatus shown. The camera is at the end of essentially a plastic ribbon and will undoubtedly break off at some point.

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Clearly there was a huge error with this listing. The camera system sent is not the one pictured. It doesn’t even match the specifications. And the order number on the label doesn’t match the order number on Woot.

Yes…I’m going to file a customer service claim - but this is a surprising eff up on Woot’s part.

Hi there. We’ve taken down the sale while we confirm things with our vendor. Sorry for the issue.

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Just received this “Camera”. It in no way matches the description. I am filing a return request to refund my costs. It feels like either a bait and switch, or they ran out of the good cameras, and replaced them with this junk.
• There was no case around the main body of the camera
• There is only one lens. Dual lenses described in the features
• The antenna? is hanging out from a wire and not built into the camera as pictured
• The one lens is not detachable
• The battery is external and not built in as described
• There are only two buttons, not four as pictured
• This is an incomplete product

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Hi there. Bait-n-switch implies intention. We had no intention of selling the wrong item. As I mentioned previously, we have stopped the sale while we investigate with our vendor.

Commenting here to follow any updates as I also got some barebones kit that doesn’t match the description.

Agreed - this is more of a product numbering error.

I actually have one of these (the wrong) cameras from more than a year ago (bought off Amazon) - it’s ok but nothing at all like the one in the description, I certainly wouldn’t have bought another.

I hope you guys can correct this as I was very interested in the original product listed.

Any updates?

They think there’s a part missing. They’re looking to see how fast they can send it out.

Could you post a pic of what you received, pls?

I too have received my delivery. It is NOTHING like the advertised item. This appears to be a single camera board, wired antenna, and ribbon cabled connected SINGLE camera. There is NO case, no clear labeling. This appears to be part of a kit or assembly. The documentation is all about the app and nothing about the physical hardware.

My item came exactly as Wooter418096091 and as babfve described.

There isn’t a part missing. This is an entirely different camera system than what was described.

I’ve sent two messages to customer service now with no response. I’m disappointed - this is the first time I’ve had this sort of thing happen and also I’m used to better customer service.