12" Gel w/Tanglewood cover (5 Sizes)

12 inch luxury gel memory queen mattress.Is it firm,medium,soft Somebody have information?

Hope,12in gel queen mattress can be used on electric adjustable frame,or it’s going back.

You should check first with maker of your bedframe. I’m not sure memory foam mattresses work with adjustable frames.

We do not take returns for this reason. Our return policy is linked in my signature.

EDIT: See answer from vendor below.

Why is this is not mention in your advertisement?How is one to know if this mattress can be used with electric adjustable bed,and you are not even sure about it!You are in business selling mattresess right?Give all details about the product.

I would argue that it’s not very practical to return a mattress, period.

Foam mattresses ship compressed and once opened they expand to full size. I would highly doubt you’d ever get it back in the original box.

At full size, a mattress is too big for the USPS and you’d have to use a freight service instead. UPS charges upwards of $250 to ship a full size mattress in the lower 48.

This makes returns due to defects or a later warranty claim nearly as expensive as the mattress itself.

Also, how would a warranty claim be handled by Woot 15 years from now? This is very unclear.

Maybe someone at Woot could clarify further??? Otherwise the risk (both short and long term) appears to be 100% with the purchaser…

You would contact woot customer service and they would work with the manufacturer on your behalf.

This would be considered firm and it can be used with an adjustable bed.

Who manufactures these? Or any of the mattresses listed in this sale. I’d love to be able to look up reviews, etc. I’m not about to drop over $300 on a mattress that may be or may become uncomfortable.

I’m sorry but sometimes we are unable to give out the manufacturer. This is to protect their presence in the marketplace for this great price.

Thanks for the reply. Two questions:

(1) Does the warranty ever require return of the mattress?
(2) Where can we view the full warranty terms?

Appreciate your patience…

  1. unlikely? But possible.
  2. we link to the terms in the sale, you can see them here

Like mattress on softer side,what topper would make mattress more soft-plush?Thnx