12" LCD Writing & Drawing Tablet

Purchased one of these type tablets from Woot recently that was 8.8" by 5.6" I’m disappointed. Hard to read and dim, even after changing to a brand new battery. Maybe the 12 inch version and this manufacturer is better?

As a follow-up to brasssong’s comment, the print is dim and hard-to-read on the 12" model by this manufacturer. Shame on Woot for the pictures they show as the display is misleading… the print is nowhere near as bright as their advertising pictures show. To be fair, though, the print is about as bright as the old, original ‘boogie boards’ (the newer ‘boogie boards’ have a much, much brighter print now, but unfortunately they do not make a 12" board).

That being said, it does do what it says on the tin, just not as brightly.

Not at this price point though. Paper is still cheap, and chalk even cheaper.

And its $10 cheaper on Amazon.