2-Pack AmazonBasics 60W Fast Charging USB-C Cable, 6FT

2-Pack AmazonBasics 60W Fast Charging USB-C Cable, 6FT

hmm, not a bad price. I paid $16.41 for this 2 pack on amazon back in mid Dec. looks like it’s now selling for $9.68 there. I might have to grab another set so I can keep them in different locations and not have to worry about forgetting to unplug and bring the cable with me when I move around.

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My cables from last week’s order came. I think I got the wrong version. It looks like the 2 cables from this Woot item but it can only do 15w instead of the advertised 60w. Going to Amazon’s site, it appears a few other people have/had the same issues and worse (their cables melted from regular usage)

Same here, I’m contacting woot C/S since this seems a little bait and switch like. (In woot’s defense the reviews on Amazon’s site show this is not an uncommon issue with people reporting the same box issues and others reporting that they won’t fast charge so it’s likely an Amazon issue…)

Yes i also got 15w cables while purchasing cables advertised as 60w cables. Also my box was ripped open but both cables are there. I understand mistakes hapoen, i dont judge on mustakes but how the mistakes are handled. I reached out to customer service a few hours ago so we will see how they handle this.

Same here, they arrived and I noticed they’re all apparently rated for 5 V @ 3 A.

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Hi all. Sorry for the issues with the cables. Please reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.


Same issue as well, on the phone trying to call customer service and waiting for someone to pick up. Weird how it’s exceptionally silent while on hold…

Im still waiting on mine, all I have is a fake tracking number?

It’s a USPS tracking number. Looks like it’s out for delivery today.

Someone must have messed up the formatting on the back end, since the link is decidedly not usps. http://www.ups-mi.net/PACKAGEID/PACKAGEID.ASPX?PID=9274890302923308207552

Yeah, not sure why our link isn’t working. I’ll ask. It’s UPS Mail - UPS hands it off to USPS. If you type the tracking into Google, it’ll take you to USPS.

well, it appears everybody was sent the wrong cables but woot never bothered to reach out to all the people who got in on this sale to make it right. I bought my cables as spares so I haven’t actually used them yet. They are selling them again today and seeing the sale made me check my order history to see if they were any cheaper now than when I bought them, and then clicking into the forum I see all these people saying they got the wrong cables. I just checked mine and I also got the wrong cables. good thing I came back here within the 30 day return window cause it seems woot didn’t want to be bothered with owning up to sending out the wrong item. I just emailed CS and included a link to this forum as proof that I’m not the only 1 who got the wrong item. hopefully it will be resolved without hassle.


oops, I posted this to the forum for the newer sale by accident, this is the sale I bought in on so i should have posted it here.

ok, so I just got a package in the mail today from Woot…but I didn’t order anything that I’m waiting on being delivered. Opened it up and it’s a 2 pack of the USB cables that they told me they can’t replace…but they sent the 15W cables again, still not the 60W. they already refunded me for the original order tho, so I’m just gonna leave it alone at this point.

We tried. I sent an email to the buyer on our side asking that they ask Amazon to check the inventory before running it again so we can figure out which warehouse(s) have it incorrect.

My item is the same item as mentioned by others. It says 5v ~ 3A.
Woot didn’t answer my phone call when I tried, so I sent an email that will be answered “in 24 hours.”

And before it is said again, I refuse to use a product in my expensive electronics that is not clearly labeled and listed for the appropriate specification.
No. Thank. You.