2-Pack Embossed Memory Foam Mats

Who dreamed up a retail price of $164? That’s ridiculous for 2 bathroom rugs. Kind of makes one wonder about the prices we see on Woot.

That was my thought. I can get memory foam bath mats for about twice as much when they aren’t on sale. I regularly see this price at local stores. $164.00? Is that supposed to be funny? There’s no way…

If they really are $164 retail, will you please leave the price tag on? I’d like to give a few sets as gifts.

You wanna channel Minnie Pearl in your bathroom?

This sort of offering use to be called “FALSE ADVERTISING”.

I would love to see a link to whoever offered these mats at a list price of $164.00.

I really miss the “Old” WOOT.

Nah, retailers and manufacturers have been inflating list prices forever. It doesn’t fit the legal definition for false advertising.

It’s an unreal list price but we have to put what the vendor gives us.


Did anyone else who ordered this only receive one mat instead of two? I keep trying to email them about it and no response except to call the shipping company… uhh… hello. I got my package, theres just something missing from it. AGH. Dont order these people.

I’m VERY sorry. I’ll ping CS.

I received one single mat today via FedEx. Emailed WOOT customer service regarding missing mat.

No word yet.

Ugh. So sorry. Keep us in the loop on how things pan out.

Have WOOT follow up and tell me what you are going to do to make it right.

I just received my mat, only one also … I am so disappointed. :frowning: It said 2-pack

Same thing happened with my order.

Waiting to hear for CS…

I too only received one mat, really sucks to know you’re not getting any help from Woot.

Me, too! I ordered two two-packs. I should have four mats. But only have two.

Yeah. I’ve been dealing with the same garbage. First I’m told to call FedEx…I reply…noooo, the package was delivered, it only had one mat, not two. Then I’m told the package is on its way…so I presume that means they’re sending me another one. Nope. They were just letting me know that the package that was already delivered was “on its way”. UGH.

I also only got 1.

I also received just one mat. Got a $5 partial discount. Whoopee! Rather had the 2 mats that were advertised!