(2-Pack) Zleep Sleep Patches, 30 Patches

(2-Pack) Zleep Sleep Patches, 30 Patches

Weird - product posting does not contain a forum link, but here we are… FDA makes no assertion of anything; melatonin is a known active agent in a number of products, giving some small hint of credibility. “Good-boy!” and a-pat-on-the-head. Did that help at all?

Weird indeed. Linked this thread to the sale.

What’s in it?

The Amazon listing has more details.


I just opened up this order, and despite that the listing clearly states, and shows pictures of, (2) 30-packs, the package contained only one pouch.

I’ve sent an email to Customer Service also. The order invoice also shows (2) packs but then shows a quantity of 1. 1 of what is not at all clear.

Not sure quite what is going on, but something in the numbers doesn’t add up.

Unfortunately Amazon warehouse employees tend to break up multi-packs.


(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

I’ve had this happen once before, with a different product, and it was settled amicably.

Let’s see what CS has to say.

Another agreeable settlement. Got half the product and a half refund on the cost. Win-win.

Kudos to Woot Customer Service!