2008 EBW Bracketology


I’ve set up a pool: http://ebwoot.mayhem.sportsline.com/

to join, visit here: http://ebwoot.mayhem.sportsline.com/e
You may need to register with CBS if you haven’t done this before (you may want to anyway to keep your real name a secret). Once you log in, you will need the group password, which is ebw

if you have trouble, send me a PM.

Go Heels!


I registered and filled out my bracket.

AND DID I POST FIRST? I think I did!

Thank you and goodnight!


Well, yeah, the Heels will make the Final Four.


Although I hate them, I said so too.


Heh, I might be on to something… they were my pick for the overall winner. WHo am I kidding - I’ll still be out first round. Because I picked them, ya’ll should go unpick them. :wink:

PS - Saw your real name earlier Poof… :slight_smile: It’s a shame I’ve already forgotten it…


give 'im the dog! :tongue:

Will make some picks when I get home…


I’ve got UT-Arlington winning it all.

… uh, no. Not really.


Ahem! jq hasn’t made his picks yet.

Is Bobbleheed someone we know here?


And your email address is showing.


Maybe he wants it that way…


yup… well I don’t know about know… but I’ll enter a free league anyways. lol


Good for you. You get a buck.



I’ll add it to the collection:

Can you tell me the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrutebucks?




Is my e-mail address showing?


how could you hate our beloved Heels? you didn’t go to Duke or State did you?


It may have been but I don’t think it is now.


jq, another PM.


I’ll do 'em tomorrow


As administrator, can you see our picks?