2010 EBW Bracketology

Hi folks, it’s that time of year again, the time when people who are less-informed than they think they are will make baseless predictions about events where they only have a hazy understanding. No, not the ongoing healthcare saga on Capital Hill. It’s time to predict the outcome of the 64 basketball games that will be played in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. We here in the Everything But Woot section of the website like to play a friendly game every year. For the last two years we’ve played on the CBSsports.com game, but we’ve also talked about trying a different website to organize our game. If you have a preferred host, leave a message here or send me a PM. I hope to have the game set to go Sunday night or Monday morning, once the bracket is released. Check this thread to find out how you can participate and remember to get your picks in early!

First Post!!!

I was happy with CBS, but no problem with switching if someone wants to.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your brackets!

tl;dr: click links to join our bracket league

It’s that time of year again, where boasts are made, dreams are crushed, and beer is drunk. Some basketball is even played. Now is the time to get your game on again. I did actually look into bracket systems from other sites, but didn’t see anything that stood out as being markedly better, and no one else contacted me to say that another system is better. The main thing I was looking for was an opportunity to pick the play-in game that decides who will get to lose to Duke in the first round that really matters, and no one seems to let you pick that. That does mean you have until Thursday to pick instead of Tuesday, though. On the plus side, if you participated last year (and there were 15 of us), your registration info should still be good, if you’re one of the lucky few who can remember or still have emails saying what your username and password are, or at least know enough to get your password reset. Another bonus: I pretty much just copy-pasted last year’s post for this year.

I’m glad you asked! Click your way over to http://ebwoot.mayhem.cbssports.com/e
(You may need to be signed in before attempting to join our group. If you are not registered with CBSsports.com, you can do so here.)

Our password is ‘ebw’ (no quotes). Register, if necessary, and be sure to join in the fun. Remember, you don’t need to know anything about or even care for college basketball, and you likely still will do as well or better than people who actually put effort into their picks. Just be sure to make your picks and submit them before Noon EDT on Thursday, March 18.

Remember, there are no prizes* but the satisfaction of a job well done, and the satisfaction of watching people you don’t know post rude things about you on the internet, while pretending to congratulate you.

*Players may be eligible for prizes from the general CBS Sports prizes. There are no prizes for winning our group, though.

I wish we could get snapster or one of the other Woot gods in here to promise a bag of crap (or at least misprinted T-shirts, or a free shipping coupon code) to the winner. Then we’d get a nice crowd!

JQ, I want to do two brackets this year, but I can’t figure out how to do the second one.

Edit: I want to do one with my head and one kind of “oh, what the hell.”

Did anyone do any of the auto-pick brackets?

I don’t actually know. I think Kenney’s the only one who ever did it. Have you finished filling one out? Maybe it lets you start another after you’ve finished your first one…

register with cbs a 2nd time with a different login and password. then fill out a second bracket with that account.

I’ve actually set the rules where you should be able to do 2 from 1 account.

I figured it out. (And I’m pretty impressed with myself.) Thanks.

Yeah, there’s a block on the right about doing another bracket. Just click on that and you get a blank one.

Night all. Tomorrow.

Okay. tossed in a couple brackets for fun.


Whatever, it’s way too late for me to keep working on this. The left side is rather thoroughly researched, the right side, not so much…

One hour left.

Well, what do you know…

That makes sense!