2011 EBW Bracketology

[i]Brackets are live! Go go go![/i]

A friendly email has reminded that it is now March, spring, a time of year when young men and women’s minds turn from their collegiate endeavors to thoughts of… Winning. Whether it’s Memphis or Missouri that gets your Tiger’s Blood boiling, now’s a great time to register with our friendly Bracketology group at http://ebwoot.mayhem.cbssports.com/e. The password is: ebw
Of course, you won’t be able to make your picks until the Selection Committee unveils the bracket, but this is an ideal time to register so you can maximize your time for analysis or rioting against the Committee for snubbing your alma mater. If you’ve played with us in previous years your registration info should be the same and you’ve probably already received an email from CBS to that effect. If you play in a different group on CBSSports.com you can use your same account to join us, although you may want to create a different registration so we won’t learn your real name. One note: as group administrator I will see your email address but I solemnly swear to do nothing nefarious with it.
Go ahead and make registering a part of your tournament prep, along with finding out what channels they’ve hid TBS, TNT, and truTV on and scheduling minor surgery so you can take time off work without looking like a lunatic. Remember: you, too, can be a Winner like previous Winners Schrobblehead, Josh Forsythe, and Kenney9226.

Go Team!


Thanks jq

I turned the winning bracket in!

So confident in your bracket that you don’t even need to enter a second one, eh?

LOL - I don’t know how. I’d like to put in husband’s but I can’t figure out how to do it.

well, he could join the group using his own log-in. If you just want to use the second bracket under your account – when you’re on the page that shows your bracket picks, there should be a link towards the upper right (directly to the right from the “import bracket” and “auto-fill bracket” buttons) that says “add another bracket” and clicking that will take you to your second entry.

Thanks, figured out how to do it using his log-in. As soon as I find out which bracket he wants to use, I’ll fill it in. I do two brackets; one for Woot, one for anothre place.

aaaaannnnnnd…submitted… :slight_smile:

Wonder if someone could remind Schrobblehead to fill out brackets, he usually does.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Mere hours remain to make your picks. Your picks must be in by Noon EDT!

Join in the fun! You don’t even need to like basketball to do well. Many people put days of research in, some “experts” are even paid for their insights, but in the end no one has verifiably picked a perfect bracket - the odds are astronomically against it. But don’t let that hold you back! The longer you have correct teams in the more points you’ll get, and it’s fun to talk smack about other teams skills, and fun to watch the upsets happen. So make some picks! There’s even an auto-fill button if you just want to be part of the fun without much effort! Just visit http://ebwoot.mayhem.cbssports.com/e and join in!

What an exciting weekend!!!

boy! I’m hangin’ in there, close to the top! Both of mine are still in play (3rd, 5th), though I don’t think either can really win.


Can’t possibly last, but HERE I AM, FIRST AND SECOND PLACE!
//dances on all your couches!!!
//smirks at kenny!

I should have known you’d be the type to gloat.


Enjoy the view up top while you have it, 'cause when KU wins it all your brackets ain’t gonna be there no more!

Well, well, well, that leveled the playing field somewhat.

Good Luck, everyone who has teams left! I’m unable to advance on those ahead of me now. I’ll tell ya’ though, GO BULLDOGS! Butler deserves to win the whole thing this time! My dad is rootin’ for them, has been all along, and that’s good enough for me! I watched NC State beat Houston with him, and Indiana win those 3 championships, and so many other years, I’d like him to see another hoosier team win it again. He’s 87, prolly only has another 15-20 more tournaments to watch!!

And it’s all over for another year.

Congratulations to Kenney, Skek and Daniel, first, second and third.