2014 EBW Bracketology

It’s our seventh annual bracket game! I don’t really have time to do a big write-up this year like I usually do (you’re welcome). To join our friendly NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket game go to http://ebwoot.mayhem.cbssports.com/e. If you already have a CBSSports.com account you just need to sign in (I STRONGLY recommend trying to use your Woot username both so we’ll know who you are and you won’t reveal personal information you might not want us to know; even if you have an account under your real name you may want to make a separate one for our game); if you don’t have an account you’ll need to create one (it’s free). When prompted, enter our password: ebw

If you’ve played in years past you’re probably already set to go (unless I removed you from our group because you hadn’t played in a couple years; you might need to rejoin in that case). Filling out the brackets is as easy as clicking the team you think will win each game; each subsequent round is automatically set as you make your picks. You can create two brackets if you want to try to make one that seems more realistic and have one fantasy bracket where your 16-seed alma mater becomes an unstoppable force that wins it all, or something like that. Make sure your picks are in before 11 AM EDT on Thursday. Once the main round of the tournament starts the brackets are locked and it’s too late to join.

There’s no cost to join (unlike the pool you may have at work or something) and there’s also no prize. I might try to make a graphic this year you can put in your signature, but there’s no guarantee that will actually happen. The important thing is to have fun, and maybe engage in some good-natured banter on here.

If you’d like to see how previous seasons have gone have a look at:
2013 (Winner: Brian Morris)
2012 (Winner: Brian Morris)
2011 (Winner: kenney9226)
2010 (Winner: kenney9226)
2009 (Winner: Josh Forsythe)
2008 (Winner: Schrobblehead)


Will someone tell me how to turn off pop-up blocker in FF so I can print my bracket?

n/m, I found it.

i hate brian morris with the burning heat of a thousand suns! whoever he is!

But not Kenney?

OK, I’m in. I know nothing at all about basketball, but I get bullied into the office pool every year. Might as well play here with people I actually like.

We can start bullying you too, if it helps…

//wondering if it’s No1//

he’s usually crushed in fantasy sports, so he’s good.

Absolutely. I’ve won in other brackets on occasion and I know nothing about.

Same here… maybe Jessica Alba wised-up that she shouldn’t keep using her real name.


His deal with the devil expired?

i don’t think so, i think he still looks awfully youthful and chipper for having a crapload of daughters!

have the daughters made it to their teenage years yet? because that can make a difference.

Then I’ll feel right at home…uh, at work, I mean.

I am here and hope it’s not too late to join. I’ll go try now.

That was pretty neat that I won for two years in a row there.

I have not watched a single minute of college basketball at all this year, so my prospects look good!

Oh, rats! I forgot my login name and password… This may take a while.

Ha! CBS emailed me my login name and guess what? It was Kenney9226!!

Daughters are in 10th grade and twins are in 8th grade. At any point in time, 2/3 of them are generally fine and agreeable while the other one is annoying.

Duke Sucks.

final fun fact Apparently the NCAA was selling a T shirt that had all the teams on it, only instead of George Washington UNiversity, it showed Georgetown University, which didn’t make the tournament this year! That is all!

When I was growing up there were also 3 of us and at any time 1/3 of us wouldn’t like whatever food was being prepared, generally. Our dislikes would rotate, too. For instance, maybe sometime I wouldn’t like meat loaf and everyone else did, then suddenly I liked meat loaf and my sister didn’t. None of this was coordinated.

HA! I had to be careful myself to not make the same mistake while working through the East bracket.

just like me, except for the fine and agreeable part.

I’m in for the first time. I’ve been playing in a Yahoo group with Woot the past few years.

Has this always been in parallel? I didn’t see anything, so I’m guessing the other isn’t running this year?

I don’t know anything about the other one, didn’t know it existed. This has been going for quite a while.