2022 Woot! Screaming Monkeys

2022 Woot! Screaming Monkeys

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Will there b new 2023 version(s)?

We release them on our birthday in July. No peeking.

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Was a huge hit at Christmas. They played a game with it, trying to knock the elf off the shelf.


well…it is a good thing you have these available. My husband just informed me the 6 I got him a while back for in his class are petering out. He must seriously use these things. I got him 6 more.

He teaches at the university, said he shoots them at the smart alecks in class, I guess they love it so they try. He does have fun with the students!


Huge hit at Christmas they we’re trying to knock the elf off the shelf. My nephew loved it. Said it was one of his best gifts.


Like all of u said, big hit @ Christmas 4 us also!. I had bought 8…the kids, dogs, and grownups had a blast with them. Luv the shoot the elf idea!