24PC Luxury 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set

24PC Luxury 100% Cotton Bath Towel Set

Guys, I get it. you like being quirky and fun on the descriptions when you don’t have anything to say because it’s a lame thing like towels, and sometimes it works, but no one asks about thread count on towels the way they do with bedsheets.

Also the GSM is right there in the description, lol.

(If anyone is here to care about thread count, 500 GSM is a nice average medium-weight towel)

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I think the writers have to churn out a lot of those little descriptions each day. And I’m sure it’s not easy to come up with things that all (or even most) people are going to find funny.


How many bathrooms will this 24 piece set cover is a better question? 1-2-3?

Not quite a fully extended dining room table, if that helps (yeah, I should keep my day job).

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Same towels at Walmart for $44. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Addy-Home-Best-Value-24PC-Bath-Towel-Set-2-Sheets-4-Bath-6-Hand-4-Fingertip-8-Wash-White/726952028

As long as you like them in white. That’s they only color available at Walmart.

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With $25 for shipping at Walmart!


That’s between you and your towel usage