2TB External Hard Drive high Speed

2TB External Hard Drive high Speed

The only thing that I have a problem with this is N10 5G OnePlus phone that I have isn’t able to hook up to a hard drive like this so that I can use it in a desktop setting for my phone or allow me to watch movies or something like that on my phone maybe there’s a way that we can get a scan disc or something like this to where you can hook up a external hard drive to your cell phone so you can download all the peripherals as well as watch video screen and all that other stuff on it making it all in one phone.

is it just me that this looks sketchy af?

Yeahhhhhhh, we killed it.

Probably a 64gb drive that shows as 2TB and just overrides storage.

I was going to buy it to test it lol

No, no. Actually they turned out to be 2tb drives. Had to run fix disk on them I ordered 3) and they were formatted exFAT. But now they run fine. For once, I got a good deal. I use them with a program I have to back up streaming movies.

Always good to hear.

They’re getting better at tricking systems. Very common to sell small drivers with big capacity where it just overrides old data