3 Piece Reversible Pinsonic Quilt Set

I bought the purple flower “quilt”. It is so thin, you can almost see through it. And it is not stitch quilted. And in case you didn’t know, it can’t be returned. I know it wasn’t expensive but I expected better quality.

Appreciate this info. I’m in the market for new bedding and have been looking into quilts. What does stitch quilted mean? And if this isn’t stitch quilted, what is this instead? Just so I know what to look out for when shopping. Thanks.

The fabric is not stitched together with thread like a normal quilt. The quilted pattern seems to be made by pressing / ironing the material together made to look like a thread pattern.

Yeah…this isn’t a quilt. This is a very light, cheap, motel-style bedspread. Very poor quality. I got the black & white one and it faded noticeably the first time I washed it. This wasn’t a good deal, even at the low price that I paid for it. I definitely wouldn’t buy this again at any price.