3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Bundle

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3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Bundle
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Thoughts? Seems like there are a tons of these type of devices for this price range or better.

I purchased the original from Kickstarter then bought the kid version which does not get very hot.
The instructions and the avaliablity of plastic are great. The company is responsive. However, this thing is difficult. We had issues with it jamming and not feeding right. Once you get into the groove, not too bad. The issue is the little door you have to open to get the plastic out if it jams, it is very delicate.
If you are thinking about getting this for kids projects, don’t. Spend the money and buy the new version for kids. Target and Michaels carry the plastic and templates. Plus it goes on sale there. My kids have used it for a few school projects, making barter day gifts, and annoying things to leave lying around the house.
My son is in the process of making his own action figures.

Oooooohhh boy. That right there just sold the deal for me!

(I won’t say in which direction.)

This is not really a printer. It’s 21st Century Play-Doh, which costs less and doesn’t use electricity.

Bought at amazon for $28.40 new… A lot of fun for the kids… Had a problem with the first unit, but the replacement was good. $50 seems a lot for this toy.

Hey y’all, remember, this is a bundle which includes eight items. The Pen itself on Amazon is $46. You are getting way more than that. If you add up all the items you get in this bundle it’s about an $80 value.

Does this use 1.75mm or 3mm filament?

Don’t by the 3Doodler. It will lock you into their filament. You can buy a standard 3d pen that comes with 10 feet of sample fillament for about $50 on Amazon


Thank you so much for the feedback. This version is quite different from the 3Doodler 2.0. This is the Create and it has a different little door to use. If ever you have issues with jamming, we have a 24/7 Support team to help with getting it resolved. Though the 3Doodler Start is the solid option for kids.

This uses 3 mm filament, though we highly recommend only using the 3Doodler branded filament.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. This bundle comes with about 125 ft of plastic filament, which is about 1250 ft of extruded material.

I go through 10 feet in less than 15 minutes when filling in a surface, and I hate exactly this kind of anti-consumer lock in so I am happy to call it out as a public service to others.

$40, includes 120 feet of filament, works with any 1.75mm filament, and doesn’t lock you into someones refills.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We recommend 3Doodler branded plastic because we can ensure the quality of it. Also, our Create pen takes 3mm plastic which differentiates it from others on the market. But we will definitely make note of your feedback.