3M Heat Shrink Clear Thin-Wall Tubing

3M Heat Shrink Clear Thin-Wall Tubing

I believe the temperature range should be -67 Degrees to 230 Degrees F and -55 to 135 Celsius.
The Grainger website also states a 3:1 shrink ratio, if that is the same heat shrink.
Can someone @ Woot, check to see the part number is * P\N: MFP-3-4-48-CLEAR

  • UPC: 729198947132

I might be in for one, though I don’t know what my kids will do with the rest of the roll, when I’m dead.
Merry Christmas

Hi there. Yeah, it’s this one on 3M:

I’ve updated our features (that were imported directly from Amazon).

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Any chance of adding the before and after diameters, and the quantity of lengths?

Never mind, I see it now. 50 ft and 3/4" (must be pre-shrunk size; 2:1 means 3/8" after)