4 - Outdoor Solar Chinese Lanterns - LED

Is the colored part paper or plastic?


Missed that at the bottom of the description :wink:

I do believe these are going to be perfect for camping!! They’re $28.12 at The Home Depot. Same exact thing. Got a red set and a blue set!!

I want 2 sets. One red, one blue. How do I do that

Add one to the cart, then go back to the sale page and add the other. Sorry, it’s a little bit convoluted that way.

The reviews are bad here…


C’mon! 4 Chinese lanterns, really? That is the unluckiest of numbers in China. I’ll have to pass on this deal.

Yeah. Not so great. I got mine and two are broken already. No abuse. Just took them out of the bag and went to hang them up and the little plastic part around the top was broken. Not very bright either. Also, the little round thingy that goes over the bottom keeps falling off on a couple of them, as well. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some.

Sorry to hear that! These do have a 90 day Woot warranty. You might email support@woot.com with your order info to have CS check into any options.