400 Ct Ideal Dining 12oz Plastic Bowls

400 Ct Ideal Dining 12oz Plastic Bowls

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The very first line of text says " * 12’’ inch Disposable Bowls" - uh, no, NOT 12 INCHES, only 12 OUNCES. They are about 4" across and about 1.7" deep. (12 ounces volume is only 21.5 cubic inches…)

My daughter said she could use them as cat food bowls except they are much too light - they just scoot away from her cat when it tries to eat from it.

If these were 28 oz bowls - big enough for a small salad or a bowl of soup, I’d jump on these. But at 12 ozs this would be what I could have used for my kids cereals 30 years ago…
I mean really, 1.5 cups of ? Just big enough to hold one of those individual snack bags of chips, but them why waste a bowl of you already have the snack size bags?

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@notmatty again. Happy Saturday.

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