5.11 Tactical Footwear

Any comments on the sizes? how they run? Durability? Etc? It seems woot has shoes nearish my big ol’ Sasquatch feet range and I am curious.

I just bought the boots and they’ve already been delivered. I’ve been wearing them for two days with only light walking. I typically wear a 14 wide or 15, so I got these in 14 wide.

Lengthwise they are perfect, and overall fit pretty well with one exception. The inside arch is too narrow and presses into my foot when I walk. Maybe I just have flatter feet, but after only two days my arches are rather sore.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like an area that is going to flex or break in much, so I’m a bit disappointed.


I don’t like the shinability of 5-11 boots. I have purchased 5-11 tactical boots twice over about a 5 year period and both times have been disappointed in the ability to put a shine on the boot. I don’t know what they are treated with but it seems to want to resist the ability to be super-shined to a high gloss. I don’t have this same problem with any other boots I own. Anyway, other than that it is a well made boot, but if you require a “spit” shine then I would recommend a different boot.

Bought the Pursuit Slip-On for my husband. He’s size 13 for everything in Sketchers, Adidas, Nike, but these in size 13 are too small even with removing the insole. Guess I’ll have to throw these up on eBay, since I can’t return them.

I had the same problem. I’ve bought boots from woot before (Teva, New Balance, Bates) and shoes all in 9.5, and they fit me perfectly as any good 9.5 does. These fit like a 9. I can barely get my foot in them, and if I do, my toes are crammed in, removing insoles won’t even correct that.

The customer support page indicates that I cannot return them, which is too bad. Thinking I’ll stop purchasing anything wearable from woot, as being stuck with $70 shoes I cannot use is the suck. Considering they’re owned by Amazon, as is Zappo’s, and both would take this return but not woot, this is just poor customer service policy. I’d like to return them and get a size 10, but I’m not about to buy a second pair if I cannot swap the first.

The shoes are sized flat out wrong. Woot told me they could only accept returns if the order is incorrect…what if my shoes are 1.5 sizes too small? I normally wear a 10.5, so I ordered an 11.5 and they are still too small.

Is it not their responsiblity to at least warn people how small they run? They throw up their size chart which is useless, and then give the cold shoulder when I want to return them. If the order is in fact correct, why are the shoes not fitting? This is the exact opposite of how Amazon would handle the situation: accept no responsibility, ignore customers. I’ve liked this site a lot but I’m not going to bother anymore when there are other retailers far better at customer service who take responsiblity for the accuracy of their stock.