5-n-1 Jar Opener - 6 Colors



Warning: as a JAR opener, these DO NOT WORK.
The other 4 functions appear to be OK, but the MAIN purpose of a jar opener should be opening jars.
The metal grippers on the bottom are mounted in a REVERSE cam - works great to grip if TIGHTENING lid. I have tried and wife and friends have tried - all getting the same results. If you turn handle just until contact is made opener just slip. A little tighter and it still slips. A little tighter yet and now the metal grippers have indented the lid…have FUN getting jar open now without breaking it.
This thing is either a factory defect (assembled incorrectly and now sold at a discount…) or simply the DUMBEST design opener.
I would include a picture to show why it doesn’t work, but WOOT has no photo upload. (You can link to a photo on a commercial site but I am not a commercial site).