5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

5 Outlet Covers & 6 Nightlights Bundle

How is the outlet cover powered?

It’s powered via the little connection between the two plugs when you remove the original plate to put this one on. I have one of these and I love it!

How bright are they? A soft glow or pretty bright?

I would like to know how bright as well

Bright enough that it won’t wake anyone up who’s sleeping but i can make my way to that bathroom in the dark. I am happy with the lighting.

Soft glow, btw.

The outlet cover says “No tools required” but you do need a screwdriver (obviously). Also note that the outlet cover is designed for outlets with a center screw, not top and bottom screws. And it /definitely/ doesn’t fit all two-plug outlets. I could only get this to fit and work on one of the outlets in my home. One outlet out of about twenty.

I bought these last time they were on sale. Ended up returning them. They’re pretty flimsy and not very bright. Didn’t light up much past right below the outlet.

Bought these earlier. The plug-in night lights are fantastic - I woul buy more if I didn’t have to buy the outlet covers too.

The outlet covers are in the category of “great idea if they were designed differently”. They install easily with only a screwdriver - but the lights and associated circuitry are housed at the base of the units and do not allow for flush mounting to the wall, resulting in light leakage and a really poor look (yes, they throw light - but not only where they are supposed to). Like I said - great idea - I figure they have been redesigned to address the leakage issue (which should have been caught earlier) and that is why they are on Woot. (My comments are based on installations on four receptacles (before giving up) - I went back to the original outlet covers because of aesthetics - YMMV).