50-Pk Extra Thick Magic Cleaning Sponges

Amazon has 4.5 Stars

These are great! Every bit as good as the bald head guy ones :slight_smile:

While I’m in since it’s still a couple of bucks off, can we PLEASE stop with the nonsense retail price?

89.99 retail price…
When amazon is selling a pack of 100 for 36 bucks?

Either sell deals, or don’t…but stop with the nonsense list prices please Woot. You’re better than that.

[MOD EDIT: The link you’ve provided is $69.99 for a 100 pack.]

These things are great at cleaning glass top ranges. Got a package the last time woot sold them. Maxing out on them now.

For $1.03 difference you come out better getting them @ the mothership and if you have prime you get them quicker.


I agree with you. Woot is not what it once was but I still check it daily. The nonsense just pushes us away.

I agree. At the least be honest. otherwise the “mothership” wins every time.

Don’t know where you’re seeing $36 for 100. The link you shared goes to 100 pack for $70. To me it’s much better here for only $32 for 100. Sure you don’t get them in a couple hours like you can with Amazon, but here you also don’t have to pay annually for shipping.


not vouching for anyone,… just pointing out that the market price for these is much lower than what woot is offering.

Either way the “mothership” wins; Woot is an Amazon company now.

No they’re not. That’s what they do. Doesn’t need saying for many, but ALWAYS check pricing available elsewhere before buying a woot “deal.”


[$39.95 ($7.99 / 10 Items) Eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

I received an email tonight stating that these have been delivered today, which I already know.
What happened to the emails saying that they were shipped?

There should be an email saying it’s shipped once it starts actually moving - when we see movement on the tracking.

Maybe it got there too quick?
Check your spam?
Burp in the system?

Thanks TT, spam is good, either got here too quick (no complaint there) or a burp in the system.

I agree too. Plus they sell a lot of stuff with abysmal reviews these days.
Oh well, all good things must come to an end.