5200mAh Portable Charger with Speaker

OK reviews (3 out of 5 stars) over at hsn.com


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5200mAh Portable Charger with Speaker
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Well, I must admit, I thought the title was a typo at first. Ya know, since normally it’s a speaker that comes with a charger, not vice versa.

does anyone know if this will work with the Apple predatory OS upgrade that killed all my non Apple Cables?

What’s the power output? 1A, 2.1A?

TSA rules forbid passengers to carry loose batteries over a certain size. Passengers want a portable charger big enough to last a whole flight. Computer peripherals have a much larger battery limit. A speaker is a much less silly peripheral than the SD card reader in my portable charger.

It doesn’t look like it comes with apple connections, so for me it would be useless, alas. It looked practical too, but the reviews someone posted were not very flattering, and if hsn customers gave it three stars, woot customers would slaughter it

Wow, that HSN clip is so unwatchable!

How do people spend hours watching those channels?


Travel is Not an issue with this. It works Quite well on the plane for iPad movie time

Well, all we’ve been able to get so far is that it will charge:

All Android Phones
All iPads or iPhones
All Kindle Fire Tablets
All Windows Tablets
All Windows Phones
All Samsung Tablets
All Nexus Tablets

So, we’re guessing that means 2.1A but we didn’t get a sample.

Note that it does have a USB port so you can use your own lightning cable to charge newer i-devices.

This thing looks exactly like my insulated wine bottle carrier.

Thanks. The reason why I ask is that 1A will charge all those tablets but the tablets can’t be on - too much of a power drain. 2.1A will allow you to charge and run the tablet simultaneously.

How many times would this recharge an ipad mini? How many times would this re-charge an iphone 5c? Any information on how long this will keep/hold a charge?

I bought one of these in the event that I couldn’t use my powerbag for some reason. I finally get a chance to use this thing, and when I plug it in to charge, nothing happens. I let it sit for an hour. Nothing. It’s DOA. Oh, and as an added bonus, it’s past the 90 day warranty period. I would say it’s now a paperweight, but it’s not heavy enough to be much of a paper weight. It has no purpose. I spent $30 to get nothing. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear about that. Have you emailed in to support@woot.com with your situation and order details? I’m not sure if there are any options, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. Let us know how it goes.

Good idea. I’ll try that. Thanks!